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This being my first blog post I will likely keep it on the short side but it will be meaningful.  As time goes by I hope to become more proficient at blogging, my website will become more solid and you will enjoy the read.

In photography, point of view is relative to the location of the lens to the subject.  In other words if you were photographing down on your subject it might be referred to as a birds eye view.  In life a point of view often tells us something about the person behind the lens or a person making a statement.  So my post today is about point of view.

We all know winter in this part of North Western Ontario has been unusual and less than desirable this year – a far cry from the norm. Some of my best photos have been made during the worst weather but I don’t take chances with my safety or that of my vehicle.  So, when you are an avid participant of the season you have to invent new ways to enjoy the great outdoors.  Some of us adapt better than others.

After being inside for several consecutive days a few weeks ago I suggested to my husband that we take the time that afternoon to go for a drive in order to get out of the house.  It was another grey and pretty much sunless day so his reply to me was ” Ok but you are not going to see anything.”  Which prompted my response ” If you don’t go out, you won’t see anything.”

We embarked on a journey around the outskirts of town making a few stops at various locations to take in the view, scan quickly for birds, walk and even survey the damage from the previous ice storms.

On one of our stops this is what I found. My husband following through on one of his summer hobbies.  You see he likes to collect lost things like fishing lures.  My photographer brain told me I needed to take the photo.  It’s not a great photo – but a record of a memory, a capture of a moment in time.

My point of view tells me the photo really likely has no meaning or value to anyone else but myself or someone close but it does represent a vision.  His point of view is one of pride he was able to accomplish a goal – his first lure of the season.

One of the last stops we made that afternoon was to Gros Cap on the shores of Lake Superior.  I got out of the vehicle and began to look around and study the ice formations at different levels to find the best point of view for my shot.  The resultant image I will leave you with.

In my opinion and from a photographers point of view I think I managed an interesting image. It is good enough for a place in my portfolio. I’m happy with it and I hope that you will be also.

I think we can all agree that point of view differs from person to person.  Out of the darkest things beauty can be found if you look.  How you choose to view things has impact both to yourself and others sometimes.  I challenge you to go out and really see. Find your beauty.

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A privileged descendant of immigrant settlers to Turtle Island who makes home on Robinson Huron Treaty Land which was lovingly nurtured and respected by the Anishinabek nations of the Ojibway, Potawatami and Odawa peoples.  She is a graduate of The Photography Institute of Canada and currently completing advanced studies after retiring from her working career in healthcare. Professional Photographers of Canada Accredited her in - Ornithology / Bird Photography (2021), Fine Art (2022), Pictorial / Scenic (2021), Wildlife (2022) as well as Animals (2022), Nature (2023) & Night Photography (2023). She has also been a National and Regional Award recipient multiple times over in 2021 and 2022 having images chosen to exhibit in Professional Photographers of Canada's prestigious National Exhibition 2022, Ontario's prestigious Regional Exhibition 2021 as well as British Columbia's and Eastern Canada's prestigious Regional Exhibitions 2022. Operating out of Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada Violet has been a freelance photojournalist for SooToday in the past and still takes on freelance projects today. Her specialties include Wildlife, Landscape and Fine Art Photography, with special interests in Food Photography and Urban Decay but practices many more well-rounded photographic skills.

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